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Aligning Textures in Texture Beds

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I believe that there has been an option in VW / RW for some time - Align Selected Mappings - I gave up on any attempts to use it. Because it just didn't do anything.

Posted a request to Dave Donley to let me know when it finally works (In late 2010)

I believe that you will find it in the Obj Info Pallet / Render Tab ... all the way at the bottom.

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and in 2014 with VW/RW I am still having the same difficulty with the site model and arranging textures: sometimes the function is there and sometimes not - I spend hours trying to align textures - sometimes rebuilding the site model seems the only option to get the texture I want

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This topic is still plaguing me! Every hardscape needs to slope in a real life situation... When I model it correctly, the textures based on the slope... So I either model all hardscapes flat and the rendering of textures look great or I model hardscapes as a texture bed with a slope and the textures rotate and look wrong. Attribute mapping tool does not work to control this. Any advice?

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As far as i know the only way is to create different textures of the same image with different orientations then you can apply them to the various texture beds as required.

A bit cumbersome but it works.

Make sure you set a class on Site modifier properties "Texture from Class" to your texture beds and assign the texture by class.

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