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Large file 1.18GB can't save [problem solved]


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My file is getting bigger and bigger without me adding excesive data, The design is small single level and should not be this big my first file size a month ago is 26MB the next a few weeks later 500mb and now 1.18GB.

It does not want to save anymore and is very slow.

Is there something going on behind the scenes where the software is making duplicates or what????????

Please help!!!!!!!

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Have you spoken to your distributor about your problem?

Have you imported images and PDFs into this file? If so get rid of all those that are not essential.

Have you imported DWG files into this file. Sometimes insulation and hatches can be a problem.

Have a look at the resources for this file and make sure you don't have unused texture, image, tile and hatch resources in the file. If so purge these from the file.

Turn off the cache options in Document Preferences and see if that makes a difference.

Can you also provide information on:

- What your file is. ie model, drawing etc.

- Your version of Vectorworks including what service Pack it is.

- Your operating system.

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