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2011 Vectorworks Architect w/ Renderworks and 2 training manuals for sale

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We have 1 copy of the PC version of 2011 Vectorworks Architect w/ Renderworks for sale and can transfer the license. Not sure if license can be transfered from PC to Mac if need be. Included are the base manuals along with Vectorworks Essentials and Vectorworks Architect tutorial manuals from Archoncad. We used it for a couple of projects but found that it wasn't for us.

Email me if interested


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I had been a long time Autocad user. I was looking for something more 3D but I found it very difficult to do custom design with Vectorworks due to the larger file size and steeper learning curve. I took the training and that went well but when we put it to the test with our projects it fell short of our expectations.


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Hi macklindesign,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with VW.

I started using CAD with AutoCAD for +/-3years but found I was spending more time concentrating on the tool than the design. I moved to Vectorworks (then MiniCAD) and it was tough at the beginning, really tough. However I stuck in there, dug deep and read the manuals thoroughly. I used it on the first couple of projects and I was way slower than AutoCAD. Then the more I used it, the more tricks I found and the faster I became. Now I'm proficient in it.

This all took a really long time but keep in mind I did this all on my own without any help. I've sinse taught others and they've picked up Vectorworks in a month.

Vectorworks at present isn't the greatest of software and has it's share of problems but I will never go back to AutoCAD. Even with it's issues, Vectorworks is the best all round package out there.

Anyway, if Vectorworks isn't for you, you're the best person to decide.

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Thanks for your honest post Jershaun. I think a big part of our issue is the file size. We were working on a 2,300 sf home and the file size was up to 80mb and we were only about 50% of the way through. Viewport regeneration along with consistant crashes were very unproductive. I see that your computer system is pretty hefty and probably runs VW better than ours but our systems are only a couple of years old.

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Hardware can be an issue, of course, but the size of your project at 2400 sf. was pretty modest and probably not the issue.

There are ways to trim down a file's size but 80MB, in my experience, is not atypical. Were you using symbols and had you 'purged the drawing' of unnecessary overhead such as textures, backgrounds, etc?

I realize you have already moved on to something other than VW. I too would like to know what system you ended up with?

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I'm just finishing a 2 storey ICF home (3700 sq. ft. total not counting the basement) which is coming in at around 30MB. It's full 3D and includes electrical plans, schedules, deck framing, rendered perspectives along with lots of hatch patterns, textures & symbols. You must have one heck of a file to be 80MB and only half finished!

I too learned VW's on my own after using DataCAD for awhile. It was not easy but like Jershaun, I stuck with it and discovered faster & better ways of using VW's many tools. My latest extensive learning curve involved using the worksheets that come with VW's to create material take-offs for a client. I had to customize the existing worksheets but the effort was worthwhile. I can import my custom worksheets into new residential projects and watch them automatically tally quantities as I'm drawing. It's very satisfying, believe me.

There are quite a few good architectural software packages out there and I count VW's in this group. The deeper you go into any of them the more rewarding the experience.

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