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Importing lines from references

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One thing that has troubled me for a while... I use Microstation at the day job and VW for my projects, which I prefer.

However, using Mstation, if I have a 2D reference I can simply copy& paste any lines or the whole drawing into the new file and start work again. I haven't found any such facility with VW - is it possible? I seem to end up with layers of references that I would rather were just lines in the master file, but don't want to trace them all out! (and snapping to references within references sometimes seems problematic too).

Any words from the wise appreciated!



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Nobody else is responding to this one. So here goes.

There are a number of ways to bring in line work into your active file.

You can just open the source file, select what you want, copy it and then go to your active file and paste it in. Scale is relative though.

You can import whole layers from other drawings from the Organization dialog box with Design Layers selected. Go to the 'New' button at the bottom of the page, and select the second option, Import Design Layers, and select whole layers from your source file that way.

A third way is to create a referenced ViewPort, and then break the reference but keeping the elements of the drawing that was referenced.

Probably the first method is what you want or need, I am guessing.

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Thanks Mitch thats a great help. I've been working with the copy/ paste for a while, but generally been irritated by scaling/ relative location issues (partic with drawings like surveys created by others).

I think 2nd and third options will give me some new ways of working to experiment with & I can see a few useful possibilities. eg. If you only want a limited number of lines/ objects they can temporarily be put on a new layer/ class in the referenced file, the viewport updated with other layers off, then break the reference to import. Thats the sort of thing I'm after, though it still seems a bit of a complex way round compared to selecting lines/ objects within the viewport and copy/ pasting.

Though as there seems to be little interest in this as a topic, maybe its just me!

Thanks again,

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