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Annotated Lines

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In VW 8.5.2, what is the best way to make a line with text attached to it (such as a gas line on a site plan, which would have "G" on it, every 15' or so)? Other programs simply have a Symbol Linetype, which I don't believe VW has; but is there a good workaround, or a plug-in? It seems to me that a plug-in tool would work, but I'm reluctant to write one if there's a better option.


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You could create a symbol for this or you could do a cut and paste.

Draw the line with the text where you would like it. Select the two objects, go to Organize>Create Symbol. Give the symbol a name and from that point on, you can simply select the symbol from the resources palette and drop it in where you want it in this drawing.

The alternative is to draw the line and text, select the two and group it. Then copy the object and paste it wtih Edit>paste. If you click on an object and press the option key on a mac and alt key on a PC, the object will duplicate that object on top of itself. Then you can just drag the object to the desired location in the drawing.

OR if you plan on placing the object every 15' in a linear, rectangular or circular array, you can use the Duplicate command under the Edit menu option. Select your object (the two objects grouped) and go to Edit>Duplicate. Specify the array shape you would like and enter in the offset - in this case, 15' along the x or y axis. Click on OK when done. This will duplicate the object along a specified array with a specified distance.

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