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Has anyone tried the Deckworks plugin? Is it worth the $400.00? I'm interested in buying it, but they don't have much on their web page. And all the "Features" links just say information coming soon. Which is what they said about two months ago when I went to the site. In fact, I don't think anything has changed on their site since then. It looks/feels like it's been abandoned. It makes me wonder if they're still developing/marketing it. If anyone has tried it, I'd appreciate any info on what it does, especially regarding Material Take Offs/Parts Lists.

There was one post I found where the person said it had significant flexibility issues with its stair and railing modes. But he still liked it. That has been the only post I've been able to find so far, except for the webinar announcement. I watched the webinar, but it really didn't do much for me.



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I haven't tried the plugin although I took a look at their web page.

I think it has value for someone who does a lot of decks but if you are doing one-offs or doing decks as part of a whole house design, then you could put together the same thing albeit taking up a bit more time. I think the plug-in is well done, from my quick view of it all, though.

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Thanks for the feedback. I contacted them and they offered to do a one-on-one demo over the internet. Which I will probably take them up on. They said the plug-in has been a huge success and they've been too busy filling orders to finish their web page. Seems strange, considering no one on this Forum seems to own it. My biggest resistance to buying it is it seems to be a marketing tool for Trex, and therefore should either be free, or very cheap. I have to PAY them $400.00 for their advertising? I don't know about that. But it does seem like a great plug-in. As long as I can use real wood and not Trex.

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I don't buy the fact they have been too busy filling orders. If that was the case, anyone worth their salt would be addressing the website issues pronto as it drives more sales.

That being said, ask them how many purchases were based on Trex, and how many orders for their product resulted in a VW purchase?



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I agree it seems a little fishy to me. In fact, I would make sure my website was finished before I even launched a new product.

And I can't imagine many people would be specifying Trex over cedar, pressure treated, or second growth redwood (I myself don't use redwood of any age, but realize the industry still does). I would think everyone who bought it did so to use as a deck design aid in Vectorworks, not because of the Trex product association. And for materials list generation. And mostly by Design-Build firms. Which I'm not.

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Many people prefer the composite decking products to wood regardless of the reasons why.

It is a plug-in for VectorWorks which means they must own VectorWorks to use the product.

Question is, how much time will it save anyone who designs decks in VW?

Is it worth the $400.00 for the time savings and design ability?

Seems to me if VW has all this power (ability) why isn't corporate doing it themselves or am I missing something here?

Deck plug in

WinDoor plug in

Interiorcad plugin

Moulding plugin

Love VW but I feel they could/should be doing more.



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Hello everyone. My name is Lee Barwick and I'm the president at the DesignWorks Company. We are the developers of DeckWorks. Sorry for the delay on posting. DeckWorks has been a huge hit so far as we have been able to add many new Vectorworks users. We have been busy filling orders but we also spend a lot of time training our users one on one for free. We are also planning a second webinar later this year that goes into more detail on the DeckWorks plugin. Please call me directly at 1 888 317 8426 ext 700 and I will personally give you a one on one demo and answer any questions that you might have. We have all the Trex products as well as pt wood, cedar, and ipe. I look forward to talking to all of you.

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