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11.30am NZT..middle of exam...house is rendering inside out.

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This whole experience has put me off buying VW. You can do an action 5 times in the same way with different gremlins affecting it every time.

I am creating a house (this is an open book exam btw) ...successful all round except the rendering of roof appears underneath it, and the walls are rendered inside the cavity. So, I have grey walls with a nice brick (inside them) and a grey roof with lovely shingles (underneath). I have 1 and 1/2 hours left...if anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful.

Frustrated VW student.

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Be sure you're using Unified Views (the little stack icon in the menu bar)


Be sure you're not looking at the model from beneath.


Select the walls.

In the Object info palette click Flip to turn them outside out.

(eternity is a tad generous)

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