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Random disappearing objects when zooming in...

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I have seen this behavior in old and new versions. I think it is hardware related - graphics card and mouse. My graphics card seems to have a zoom limit above which the screen is just blank. Scroll wheel zooms occasionally white out above a certain zoom level, until zoomed back a notch or two. Key zooms seem to work fine (until the limit).


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One information more. If I close the project and open it again, all the objects are displayed properly.

But after while it happenes again - while moving the mouse, objects are randomly disappearing.

My only idea is, that the problem is caused by some "double precision" setting. I tried to draw in the scale 1:1 as I am used to from Autocad.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi guys

I have also experienced this. Not have the 2011 yet though.

As far as I undertand it Benson is right, but another factor to consider is the memory usage.

What I mean with this is, how often do you save the drawing while you are busy? VW seems to get lazy/forgetful when it needs to remember complex objects for a long period of time.

I found this more so with Nurbs curves that have been extruded or things like curtains/draping that are complex.

Try save more and see if the problem persist. If so then it must be a fualt in 2011.

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I worked with the file only 15 minutes or so. The problem might be also in the imported DWG file - I do not really understand how do the scales in VW work. I gave the DWG Layer in VW scale 1:1, but drawn over on another Layer with scale 1:50.


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May not be WHY it is happening in your cases, but sometimes it is due to having rotated plan switched on. Ensure that all layers are in top plan (not rotated) and see if it still occurs for you.

It is annoying sometimes in annotations of a sheet layer when a design layer is rotated, and zooming in makes stuff disappear.

Let us know if this works for you...

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Yes, that happened for me for the first time, when the plan was rotated. But after that, even in the top plan, it wasn`t better. And than later on it happened also in the top view.

I am total beginner. I worked with VW approx. 2 hours, but this "bug" prevented me from trying VW longer.


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That is an interesting point Farookey, now that you mention it.

Jiri K, What is your system particulars? as in CPU, RAM etc (like in my sig)

Maybe the guru's would be able to tell us if this has any influence with you working with VW.

You also mention that you only worked for 2hr on it and it being the Trail version of VW2011. Did you Shut Down and Start up or just Restart before using the program?

I have had many threads on here talking about out of memory etc and what I should do cause of how VW remembers, but that is with an old version...

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It happens to me all the time - I never rotate the view, but closing and opening the file seems to work sometimes, other times I just need to change to a different view, or layer and then back again.

Some files have been converted from 2009 to 2001, others are started from scratch in 2001.

No import of dwg into file.

Happens on multiple computers with different types of hardware.

I have just become use to it.

Would be great if it could be fixed.

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yep. Blogged about it, film clips of the behaviour are on my twitter (@rktecture). The mods on here have told me to shut up about it - clearly they don't like people discussing it. I have spoken to support in the UK, but nothing can be done. the only thing that's been talked about is that it should be sorted out in VW2012, so when we upgrade, all will be well....

Right. Like we're going to upgrade after the debacle that is VW2011! I better not post any more at the risk of being ticked off, just wanted to let you know that its a widespread issue (everyone in our office experiences it, particularly in rotated plan view).

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This comes and goes regularly in VW, I had real problem in VW 11 if I remember right and again in 2011 but is better now with sp.3.

I think it has to do with the redrawing of the screen and is really frustrating and slows you down. The sad thing about VW When problems disapeer they send you it back with the next version,,, recycle of problems or sort of. One thing I have not been able to use for years is exporting .dwg or .dfx files to my milling machines for I thing the net which is underlying under the drawing is so coarse so when drawing lines and other 2d the ends of lines or arcs do not connect properly. You can see this if you zoom into deep. So when you import this to a machine it goes bananas like there is 7 on richter scale,, for the lines do not connect properly not enough for a machine with some acurety

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