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Mac OS Lion

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In Lion the OS is the safety mechanism guarding against lost work due to software crashes. The OS will be handling and improving file saving/autosaving with a new feature called versions. It will be like having infinite undos and the ability to retrieve earlier parts of a design that may have changed.

I'd guess that these features will require a software update, but hopefully 2011 will see them implemented in an SP before 2012 comes out.

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to Bob-H:

I would suggest getting an 8Gb or larger USB flash drive, creating an .dmg file of the DVD (assume it's a dual layer), mounting the .dmg file & copying the mounted "disk" onto the flash drive. Since most modern macs will boot from USB (if you hold down the option key while you boot - then choose the appropriate boot volume), this will let you recover from a USB drive. Then, you won't be locked in to the DVD drive process.

When Lion comes out, do the same "install to USB" procedure with the downloaded image file.


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Guest jkelly

Just FYI, the following statement was released in regards to Lion compatibility:

"Our development team has tested the compatibility of Vectorworks 2011 on every Mac OS X Lion (v. 10.7) seed version available to us. Overall Vectorworks runs well, but we have discovered some minor issues, and we are working with Apple to address them. We will conduct another evaluation after we receive the final release of Lion in July and, if necessary, we will release a Lion service pack for Vectorworks 2011 as soon as possible."

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