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cropping imported PDF

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I've tried many things and have not been able to figure out how to crop an imported PDF file. I just tried again by drawing a rectangle around the portion of the drawing that I wish to keep and then trying to use the "clip surface" command. I get an "illegal object(s) selected" error. I've also tried drawing lines and using the "trim" command and "remove solids" as well. All to no avail.

What am I missing here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If it is not a referenced PDF and is a vector based PDF, you might be able to ungroup the drawing. This will give you you three object. The top one is a bitmap of the PDF. The second is a filled rectangle that represents that page. You can delete those two objects.

The third item is a group with all the vector information from the PDF. You can Edit the group or ungroup it and then use the clipping techniques you listed in your first message.

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This might be helpful. Create an image prop using your selected image. In a rendering mode, you should see your image. Make sure your fill style is set to solid if you don't see the image. Choose the Render Bitmap tool in the Visualization menu. Draw your "crop" on the image prop. You now have a new bitmap image with the crop you wanted sitting on top of the original image prop.

I wasn't able to do this starting with an imported bitmap image. I had to make it into an image prop first.

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You will need to edit the image in another program. Also see "image props" and "image masks". You will need to make everything around your image a solid color with photoshop or something. Create a new image prop under the model menu. Import the image. Select Use Mask and then Create Mask. Select Reuse an Image from Another Resource. Select This Props Color. Then Transparent Color. Then click on the area around your image. (The mask color that you made in Photoshop) That color will be made invisible in your drawing.

Jim Misenheimer

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