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lost work..how to go back "undoing" farther

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ok this is a last ditch attempt...

I just had a complex as-built group disappear. (I erased it accidentally ..should have stopped hours ago as I am fried)

Is there anyway to go back in time with more undoing than what is allotted on my settings?

thanks as always to all!


mac OS X

vw 12.5

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If you have saved the file since to my knowledge there isn't. If you haven't saved the file yourself try Save As with a new unique name. Then you can reopen the previously opened file and it will be as it was the last time it was closed or manually saved by you.

Are you sure you erased it or could it be that you have made its 'container Class' invisible thereby making the whole object invisible.

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oh if only!... mike, if only I had missed an invisible class! :)

off to remeasure and redo..it was not closing up anyway and surely I missed something...if I learned one thing its get my time machine working...so if I used it I would go back to the time I had all the info right? I am a new mac user (how the heck did I work for years on a PC???????)

thanks for all of your untiring support to my dumb questions!


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I would also suggest for the future that you make your VW Autosave settings so they look similar to what I show in the attached screen shot. I have found those settings to be very helpful. I use to have it set to Confirm before save and Overwrite original file, but this way is much easier, safer, and there's no dialog box appearing all the time. And when you do get your Time Machine working (ASAP), then the VW Backup folder will be in the Time Machine backup as well. Redundancy with back ups is a must.

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