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Vectorscript Compiler - Easier way?

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Hi Guys,

As the scripts grow larger we're forced to us PX files and INCLUDES. That's fine.. but is there an easier way to then compile the script than having to go back to:

Tools > Scripts > Vectorscript Plug-in Editor...

Find your Plugin, Open it.. and hit the Compile button?

This is extremely in-efficient and slow........... There has to be a better way!

And sugestions would be appreciated..



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There should be a VS Compiler Mode menu item. It essentially runs the script:

SetPref(407, NOT GetPref(407));

When in compiler mode, the script will compile on each run. All you have to do is save the px file and run the script. If there are compile errors, you can see the warnings as well as go straight to the edit script window, where you can click the compiler button after each px edit. I hardly ever go ti the Plug-In Editor any more.


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