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GetAndInstallUpdates Error when trying to causes update VW2009 to SP5




We're trying to update VW2009 from build 94894 to the newest SP5 update, however we get the following error:

There was an error in GetAndInstallUpdates

Within the log file it says:

ERROR function: GetAndInstallUpdates

ERROR file: installerscript.pyc

ERROR function: GetRemoteFileSize

Now we've tried on an external network and the update seems to be working just fine. Therefore I suspect there is something in our firewall that prevents the update from reaching Nemetschek servers. Having all the clients on an external network is not really an option, so I've researched a bit on which ports should be opened.

I've found these:

install.nemetschek.net (

download2.nemetschek.net (

Port 80 (UDP & TCP)

Port 75 (UDP & TCP)

However it still does not work.

Could it be that we're behind a proxy that causes the issue?

I really hope you can help us.

Best regards

Rocky Nordberg

OK a.m.b.a


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Guest jkelly

If it gets that far it shouldn't be a proxy problem, usually it would fail before that. It's possible that the proxy is manipulating something and causing the problem, but I don't think so.

Are you using the SP5 updater or trying to install with automatic updates from the DVD?

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Guest jkelly

There used to be a function within the installer on the DVD to do updates, but that has been disabled. You are using the correct method when downloading the SP5 updater. Could you send the UpdaterLog.txt that gets generated in your Vectorworks directory?

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Sorry for the late answer, we've solved this manually by updating VectorWorks on an external network. However I would like to have a solution in the future, since doing this manually takes a lot of time.

I should have send you the UpdateLog.txt file

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