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John Meunier

HDRI and Elevations

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Window reflections, look great with the HDRI background in perspective views.

I would like to get the same look into the elevations and still have the ability to scale the drawing. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

I have attached a simple PDF illustrating more clearly what I would like to accomplish. Any ideas would be great.


PS, I wish the lit fog worked like it use too!! It was a great tool to fade out elevation drawings.

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Only an idea for a workaround:

Create a very large image prop containing an image of sky and horizon. Disable autorotating when creating the prop. Duplicate and place 4 identical props around the scene to box it in. Disable shadowcasting in the texture dialogue of the props.

Give each duplicate a separate class.

Use section viewports instead of ordinary viewports and section somewhere in the empty space between the 'image prop box' and the model. These sections should now mimic regular viewports with the correct settings in the OIP dialogue.

For every viewport disable the classes of the imageprops, that you do not want in the scene, leaving only the one, that provides the reflections.

For all regular perspective viewports, disable the classes of all image props.

Let me know if it works alright.

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Interesting idea.

I have done the image prop, it does not produce the desired effect.

I also tried placing a dome encompassing the entire project but i cant get the reflections in the window in either elevation, or section elevations.

Very frustrating.

Any further ideas?

I was thinking it could be a texture issue but I have had no luck modifying the reflections.


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How about placing a planar object on a working plane behind the window (facing out) with an image fill set to the reflection.

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That would be the same effect as placing the image as the texture for the window glazing. I trying to get reflections from a single object so the widows share 1 common reflection so they all look a bit different, with out texturing every window.

It maybe that a texture on the glazing is what I have to do to get the look in elevation.

This is a PDF file of the elevations I would like to get the windows to reflect the HDRI background. The windows do reflect the HDRI background in the perspectives, I have added a blur to the texture so it isn't so sharp.


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That would be the same effect as placing the image as the texture for the window glazing.

Not really,

Let your Planar Graphic(s) have the full building height / width and place it behind the plane of the fa?ade

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