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Hiding window in top plan view

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I have a gable wall which I fit to roof. High up in the wall in inserted a cased window opening that I wanted to represent a gable end vent. In top/plan view, this gable vent opening shows up. I played with the settings trying to make it dissapear. Unable to figure it out, I cheated. The opening settings were adjsted to make the lines very narrow. A rectangle was drawn over the opening in the wall class and then this rectangle was filled with the same hatch as the wall.

Its not that I have a problem with cheating, just looking for an easier way.

Any ideas?

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Or make the vent (window) into a clerestory (via the Object Info palette) which creates a little H shape to denote the unit which might not be too objectionable. Or create a class and hide the vents by turning them off on your Top/Plan sheets (via the Object Info palette again) but leaving them on in most other instances.


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