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Patterns Plot As filled black

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Greetings, just upgraded the HP plotters with the latest driver, HP V.4.61 Designjet. Doing that solved my previous "required resource was missing" problem but now every time I have a pattern (hatches plot fine) I get the polygons as filled black, even with the ?print patterns at on screen resolution? setting is checked.

Printing on the laser printer doesn?t cause the same problem.

VW Architect 9.5 Win 2000

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Sounds sickeningly familiar. Back in January(1/06) I posted my similar experience running on Wn2K and VW 9.5. You could search back to that posting thread to see if the symptoms match yours(search term: plotting problem, Architect discussion area). The bottom line was(is?) that the newest HP driver is not compatible with VW 9.5 and the HP 455CA. The new driver only works well with the newer plotters. You will need to remove every last trace of your current driver(the HP tech's held my hand through that process; do not try a simple uninstall). Then you should use an earlier driver as noted in the old post below:

(from 1/6/02 ARCHITECT forum)

"Just a note to update those interested in a fix for the Windows/HP Plotter problem(s)noted above.

After several days of trial and error and help from VW and HP techs(HP tech support sets a high standard that others might try to equal), it seems that the newest HP driver(4.61) specified for Wn 2K Pro is in some way incompatible with VW 9.5. After purging all files related to previous HP drivers and related servers, we installed version 4.60(download file pl132en.exe) and all works well once again.

Hope this helps others who wander into the same plotting morass."

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