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Exisitng and Proposed

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I am an ADT and Revit user just moved into a new job. I have downloaded the trial version of VW to try out before possible purchase.

Just a quick question re phasing, when using VW do you draw an existing model and then save this model and modify to generate proposed? ie is there a demolish tool and options to set phasing as in revit?

thanks in advance

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Nope the workflow is very similar to ADT......you can however create your own layers/classes/walls/doors etc with their own respective phase representations and keep everything in the same model.

Ie. A layer for existing, one for new and one for demolition.

Etc. Then use the existing visibility tools to present/show what you want.

Windoor, a plugin from Ozcad provides some nice integrated demolition features for this though.

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Our workflow for alterations and addition is:

- Create model / measured drawings of existing building - depending on size this may be a separate file or just a separate layer. Freeze this layer.

- If a lot of demolition / alteration work create separate layers for new and existing/demolition.

- If small amount of demolition then keep on one layer.

This enables us to be able to use layer colours to quickly identify new and existing work in a variety of presentation modes. We find on large projects this is easier as it can be tiresome doing class overrides when say for example you want your existing work to be all grey, demolition to be red and new work to be black.

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