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Landru VS4-LED rotation

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Hi all,

I have created a video panel using the Landru VS4-LED plugin and I now need to rotate the panel about 25 Degrees in the front view.

I cant seem to do it. I can only rotate in Top/Plan and that is not what I want to do.

If this was a lighting fixture I could tick the 3D orientation box and do it that way (not exactly intuitive either I might add) but with this video panel I dont have that option.

Am I missing something very basic?

I need to be able to so show the rotated angle in the front view as I export the 3D file for use in a visualiser so doing a front view in Top/Plan is not an option.

Any help appreciated.

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Simon -

I don't know that you're missing anything. VS4-LED arrays can only be rotated on two axis:

- Relative to the object's Top/Plan view, just like any 2D object. (Called "Rotation" in the OIP.)

- Relative to the object's side view. (Called "Tilt" in the OIP.)

Rotating the object to take its top and bottom out of parallel with the ground plane isn't doable if you need the object to remain an actual PIO. One option you do have is to use VS4-LED to build the array, and then to convert the array to a group (Ctrl/Cmd-K) while in a 3D view. You'll lose the object's dynamic nature, but you'll then be able to rotate it any way you wish.

I hope this helps...

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