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How amend multiple marker styles?

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I have a plan with some 30 windows (PIO Windows). All are on a schedule and have their ID tags visible. I have placed them all and have leaders etc.

Now, I would like to select them all and add a marker to the leader. However, this only seems possible on a individual basis - i.e. I will have to select each window one at a time and change the marker style settings.

I tried creating a worksheet to do this, but the marker style is not available as a data string.

Anyone got any ideas?


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I think mgj is trying to change the marker style, which, even in 2011, is only possible through "Settings" - not directly from the OIP or attributes palette.

And I'm pretty sure you can't select multiple windows and go into settings.

I couldn't find a worksheet solution either. Sounds like a job for the Vectorscript gurus.


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Sorry MK, but there does seem to be a worksheet solution in VW2011.

'window'.'usemarker' gets the marker status

'Window'.'MarkerStyle' is an integer for the marker style

'Window'.'MarkerAngle' the angle of the marker

'Window'.'MarkerSize' the size of the marker.

I have not tried these back in VW2008.

These came from the script at:


The original version should run in VW2008, but it won't have all the latest enhancements.

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The latest version is December of 2008, you might have it.

I was just playing with this and noticed that in the worksheet you get the pull-down choices in the data bar for data types that have a limited enumeration. For instance if you have a cell showing the ID box shape, when you click in a cell you get a pull down in the field you would normally type into that shown the possible choices.

Pretty neat.

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