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pattern resolution



hello there,

a friend of mine uses a localized german version of VW arch 2009.

his patterns look OK on screen but come always very bold when being printed;

all the same regardless of printing/plotting device, so definitely software related;

all the same regardless of printing/plotting resolutions between 72 and 1200 dpi;

the option for using screen resolution is disabled;

his pattern definitions are out of the box.

are there any unknown places where to change the resolution for printing patterns...?

tx for suggestions


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Are you printing direct from VW?

Try this, it should help:

In the print dialog, enable the option: Print patterns at on-screen resolution.

Do the patterns save properly if the drawing is saved to pdf?

If printing from a pdf, for instance with Adobe Reader, sometimes it helps to Print as Image in the Advanced Settings. Although this can cause a long spooling time.


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hi benson,

printing with on-screen resolution doesn?t help.

i tried a few things out on my friend?s workstation for myself just to be sure...

the problem seems not to be what he had told me before.

it is not the boldness.

but it is definitely strange:

the patterns are OK on screen, but what makes them unreadable on hardcopy is that they are all inverted....!

the printing device used makes no difference, all the same on laser printer and plotter (both are canon devices, though).

never seen this before... or is there an option i do not know of...?

tx again


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Hi Helmut - This is no solution, but rather my curiosity: Does the pattern invert with print>save to pdf? and/or with export to pdf? Does the pdf look one way on screen, but print inverted?

Does this inversion happen with a new single object in a new, blank VW file?

A workaround might be to switch the object's pattern foreground & background colors in the attributes palette.

Can you post a file that demonstrates the problem? If it happens on other systems, we might find out why.


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hi benson,

we did some more research this afternoon ;-)

exported PDFs do look good, printed PDFs don't, prints or plots neither.

so it is perfectly clear now my friend's printer drivers are causing the problem; can you imagine even exported/saved PDFs are inverted when being printed !!

never seen this before...

tomorrow we're gonna try printing HIS pdfs on MY plotter, should work if our theory is correct.


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