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Cutting 3D objects

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I am still new to VW and I cant figure out how to do something. I have tried but nothing seems to do what I need.

I have a 3D platform I created from new and I need to cut some extrusions where they intersect with another extrusion. This is so I can delete the section between them. (see picture)

The extrusions were made with a spline and a rectangle followed by an extrude along path command.

The reason it was drawn this way was because this platform has a duplicate facing it that actually needs all the bits in place so I thought it would be easier to make the more complex one and then make a copy and then cut and delete the sections I dont need.

Hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction.

VW file is 2011.

Thanks in advance.

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You could probably get 5 people to give you 10 different methods.

The quickest method might be to draw an extrude that encompasses all the area you want cut away. If any of the objects to be cut are groups, you may need to ungroup them or perform the operation again inside the group.

Select the new extrude and all the objects to be cut. Model>Section Solids...> make sure the sacrificial extrude is selected > OK.



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You can also use the (2D) split tool, wich works on 3D objects and is really fantastic to split 3D objects really fast if you have a split line. You just need to go to the view where you can draw your split line, in your case top view, and then selecte the objects, hold alt and use the split tool. Holding alt will make sure that only the selected objects will be cut.

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