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What is the Secret about "Export VWX -> C4D"? - Workflow

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hey folks,

i got two questions around vectorworks 2011 and cinema 4d R12. i hope you can help my with my problems. :)

if i use the export-function in vectorworks 2011 (export to cinema4d an open a new scene or update a scene) my classes and groups export to cinema4d with the corresponding colors i chose for the respective classes.

at first... i got no UVW-mapping information exported... what could be the reason?

so... i don't get UWV-informations about the exported objects. all object are mapped with sphere-mapping.

at the next step i do the adjustments i need in cinema4d

- cub-mapping

- some texture transformations

...now iam ready to render!

if i got some changes to my objects in vectorworks 2011 and choose export with update my cinema 4d scene, all projection and texture-transformation informations set to default! now i have to set it again! :( why??


my next questions is about materials in cinema4d. vectorworks 2011 gives me the material-colours in cinema from the classes colors.

- so i have a finished material with textures and the whole shaders an informations in it to use it for a render.

- also i have a material only colored from vectorworks 2011

heres the question! can i transfer the material-channel informations from one material to the other material?

to set the same informations in every material i need, is to much work an to time-consuming. is there a way to fix that problem?

i hope my english is understandable an not to confusing :)

best greeting!

dominik weindl

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Did you try "Send to Cinema 4D" instead of "Export to Cinema 4D"? It shouldn't make a difference, but you never know ...

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Hey there...


nope, i dont assign any Material. Only colors from the classes. To texture my scene, i only use Cinema 4D.


I use the new function in VW 2011 - export (or send) to Cinema4d - so you get the possibility to set up a new scene, or to update a existing one.

Thanks for your advise so far! ...

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Do you have Renderworks installed? I have just started playing with the Cinema 4D workflow, but my impression is you are supposed to assign materials/textures in VW/RW if you want the mapping, etc. to transfer. If you choose "Send to C4D" it will launch C4D with your file open, and I believe it is only available if you have Renderworks installed.

Regarding transferring channel settings within Cinema 4D, you should be able to use the "Copy Channel" and "Paste Channel" function to apply your settings to other channels. It is usually found in the little drop-down triangle/arrow right next to "texture" in (almost?) all the channels.

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