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draw a line perpendicular to another line

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Make sure the smart edge constraint is turned on. Select the line or other tool. Gesture along an existing line or edge. VW will provide cues when you are on, parallel, or perpendicular to that edge.

Take a look at Drawing with Snapping in VW Help.



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the snap that shows the Perpendicular hint is the Angle snaps. Make sure this one is on.

The snaps to have on most of the time are:

Snap to object

Angle snaps

Snap to Intersection

Smart Points

turn on the other snaps as you need them, but these are the basic 4

You can speed up drawing and dimensioning by controlling the snap to object settings. Turning all the options on will speed up drawing, but slow down dimensioning. Leaving the top option on will speed up dimensioning, but slow down drawing. I have written a few commands that will control these settings, and they are on my website. So if you are a subscriber, you get these utilities from the web site.

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