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Returning VAR to the OIP

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How does one return information back to the OIP?.


Rectangle tool returns



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I believe what you want is a read-only parameter. Use EnableParameter to disable editing of the parameter.


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An alternative is to add a static text widget to the parameter list in the plugin setup event by using:

FUNCTION vsoAppendWidget(widgetType:LONGINT; mappingID:LONGINT; text:STRING; data:LONGINT): BOOLEAN;

widget types:

kFieldLongInt = 1;

kFieldBoolean = 2;

kFieldReal = 3;

kFieldText = 4;

kFieldCalculation = 5;

kFieldHandle = 6;

kFieldCoordDisp = 7; {dimension}

kFieldPopUp = 8;

kFieldRadio = 9;

kFieldCoordLocX = 10;

kFieldCoordLocY = 11;

kWidgetButton = 12;

kWidgetStaticText = 13;

and the last one is what you would use to display information

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I tried

vsoAppendWidget can't get this to load the file I can use


This call is placed during the event of


I can use:


to feed information back to the field.

But the timing is odd.

The field only updates when I re:select the object. Ie deselect then select again.

It is not automatically updating?.

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I noticed the same some weeks ago, it's a bug and Vlado informed us that it will get fixed in VW2012

Vlado on the VS mailinglist:

Yes, I see what you mean. Unfortunately, it should work but it isn't,

and this is a problem of VW. I'll fix it for VW2012.[/Quote]

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Yes DWorks that is it.

I just realized I can use a static text type on the PIO and set that.


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