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moving objects in 3d


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I thought I had this figured out...

I'm relatively new to working in 3d in VW. I have many 3d objects in various locations in plan and various heights in elevation.

I want to be in a view - let's say plan view (top/plan)- and be able to move objects all around in that view and not have to worry about them also changing position in the other axis (in this case elevation or z)

In a previous post someone suggested that if you are in the screen plane mode the objects only move in that plane of view whereas in layer plane mode the objects can align themselves to other points in the 'Z' axis.

However, I'm in screen plane mode and my objects that I've lined up correctly in 'Z' axis are still jumping (in Z) around when I move them in top/plan x/y.

What am I missing. There has to be some way to move things around endlessly in x/y without having them move in z....


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I've made that mistake too! lots of time trying to combine objects together and getting the error note that they have to be in the same plane.

I've become pretty obsessed with checking the mode.

I triple checked today when I noticed this happening because I felt like I'd learned the solution - to be in screen mode to only move objects in the screen plane. I was a pretty surprised to discover my objects had realigned themselves in the z axis.

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