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dtm pads and complex pathways: best practices

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I am working on a site with some curvy paths. I have scanned the survey and scaled it and have used it as a template. I have drawn 2d polygons for the pads and paths and would like to use these for site modifiers. Do I have to redraw them all using the site modifier or is there a way to paste a polygon and assign it as a site modifier? I'm also wondering what the best way is to draw an existing concrete path which is not evenly sloped, but moves up and down along the contours. Can I make this a site modifier as well? I was experimenting with a 3d poly which I inserted into the site model by editing the source data and inserting a 3d poly with different vertex heights, but I don't know if I'm asking for trouble by doing it that way since it crosses over the other horizontal lines of the model. I was also playing with the road tool, but this only yields a path which is of a fixed width. Idealy, I would like to draw a 2d polygon using the survey data convert it, send it to the surface and then be able to modify the verteces numerically, but this seems rather cumbersome. When the paths have curves, it becomes impossible since the curves are not preserved in the conversion from 2d to 3d but become lots of individual points. I'm not sure if nurbs can act as site modifiers or can be send to surfaces or if they can be edited that precisely. I don't want to risk having the model crash as I lay in more and more information. Thanks in advance

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Firstly, you can select your 2D Polygons and then choose Modify>Objects from Polyline. Then choose Site Modifier. You can also choose if you want to retain the original poly.

If you have already made a 3D Poly with vertices where you want them, you can turn this into a Site Modifier by assigning it to the Site-DTM-Modifier class. If it crosses contours that won't be a problem. But it will cause problems if it crosses or intersects other modifiers on the site.

You can convert your 2D Polys to 3D Polys and then send to surface. This will place each vertex at its relative height on the model.

You could look at the Roads commands under the Landmark menu to create a road from a polyline. But these commands are only available in Landmark and Designer.

Hope that helps.

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I'm also wondering what the best way is to draw an existing concrete path which is not evenly sloped, but moves up and down along the contours.

Also try this:

Select the Poly defining your paths.

Be sure it's closed.

Modify>Objects from Poly>Site Modifer - Texture Bed

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