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"External" control point

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Hi to all,

i can't find the function for activate a "control point" freely movable by user. I'll try to explain better.

I have a linear object, so (in 2D) i have 2 control points for start and finish. I need a third control point, visible in 2D, and i need to know x and y of this point (like the positioning of text in space tool).

How can i do it?

Thanks, and sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i mean.


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You need to add a Control Point parameter to the plugin definition. By default they are named in concecutive order so the first one will be named "ControlPoint01". You can get the x & y location either by calling the constants PCONTROLPOINTO1X & PCONTROLPOINT01Y or through the GetRField procedure with 'ControlPoint01X' & 'ControlPoint01Y' as the field names.

As with any other parameter, the x & y values will be visible in the Object Info Palette (OIP) and to hide it you will need to set the parameter visibility to FALSE.

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Is it possible to hide the control point parameter from the "default parameters" showed when I click the tool bar button (attached image)? I can't rename it so in this case I can't use "__name" to hide it, and if I use "SetParameterVisibility" it only hide the parameter from the OIP!

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