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is there a way to draw several connecting 2D lines without clicking so much

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if i click on the 2d line tool in the basic tools palette, i click once to start drawing a line, and then click a second time when i want to stop drawing. is there some way i can arrange things so that a new line immediately starts where the old one ends? i realize the 2d polygon tool does this, but then it gets trick editing individual lines. and also when i use the polygon tool i end up with an enclosed shape.

basically i'm trying to save myself having to double click all the time with the 2d line tool. it shouldn't be necessary. autocad and sketchup both allow you to draw lines without double clicking all the time.


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Would the 2d Polyline Tool help? Click once for each point, and/or use the tab key to get into cursor data entry. Edits are easy, esp if you know what point, length or direction you are aiming for. Completed polyline is not closed unless endpoint is coincident with the start.

Apologies if you already know:

If you are editing in cartesian setting in the OIP, switch to polar and see if you like that any better.

Press/hold tilda key to temporarily disable all snaps.


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