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These sheet layers are set to 600 DPI and the OpenGL settings are set to very high. One of the viewports has 'draw edges' on.

I was hoping that SP3 would fix this issue.

This is unusable, I can't present this sort of drawing to a client.

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Thanks for the input guys. Here are the FQ & OGL w/ Hidden line, not much better, the text is still appalling although extra lines on the surfaces have disappeared.

To be honest I know the workarounds, one of which is the duplicated viewport showing the text & rendered in wireframe, I am just disappointed that I'm still having to use it to get any kind of result.

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The second VP for text is probably the best solution at the moment. And as long as the text (or even better, the dimensions) are in their own class it is really easy to do. Simply duplicate the VP in place and then change the render mode and turn off all classes except the dimension class. Also, in my opinion, you ought to offset the dimension text from the dimension line, which will make it more easily readable...

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Just some observations. May help others figure out what is wrong.

Adjusting the Mesh Smoothing angle in Doc Prefs does not help with this. These lines are apparently not real mesh lines.

What happens if the dimensions are not included in the render?

Convert a copy to NURBS?

I have suffered those extra edge lines in so called flat surfaces. It's usually with Open GL when two objects have touching or nearly touching parallel planes. Sometimes there is a coincident duplicate of the object (oops) causing the problem. Delete that and things are good.

I have also seen this when my drawing file gets complex. Object renders fine at first, then as more objects are added to the drawing or , the render deteriorates. Paste the offending object all by itself into a blank drawing, or group it and enter the group (other objects hidden), the object renders as expected.


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