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Should I be hatching in design layer or sheet layer?

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If I draw a rectangle and hatch it, the hatch generally appears to be at an incorrect scale. I tried the 'scale' button on the edit hatch dialog, but it doesn't appear to affect it.

If I create a viewport and go to the sheet layer, the hatch is still unchanged. but if I create a rectangle directly on the sheet layer, the hatch is affected by scale and looks about right.

i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong - it would make sense to hatch in design layer, right?

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Hey there...

Hatching (is preferably) done on the design layer. Would not think it should be ever used directly on the sheet layer, unless theres is a specific reason to.

Hatches have the setting (when edited in Resource Browser), to be 'world' based, and 'page' based. Try toggling with this first to see if you get the expected result.

Also, the scale of the hatch in a viewport can be adjusted via the OIP, under 'Advanced Properties'.

If these do not help, check your hatch definition. That may need to be properly adjusted.

Hope this helps... Let us know...

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Hi Paolo...

Go to the Hatch definition in the 'Resource Browser', and edit it. Turn off 'Background Fill'.

This will allow you to have a hatch, but at the same time have no 'white space', so that you can see through it. Alternatively you can use transparency on the hatched object (but that would lose the opacity of the hatch lines as well)...

Is this what you are asking for?

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