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3ds polygons in sketchup exports

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I am exporting to sketchup my VW model via 3ds. However when I get the model into SU the wall, window, and door elements are splintered into to a bunch of triangluar polygons, even when I set the fewest polygon options. Does anyone have a way of doing this so that it isn't all splintered and I don't have spend all the time to clean up the model???



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3ds files always seem to be very poor quality when exported from VW regardless of the quality you try to output at. Have tried using them in Sketchup and 3d Studio and they always look awful. Have raised this issue with Computers Unlimited in the UK (back in February) but heard nothing back yet.

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I've been trying to find a way to export from VW (2009) into Sketchup so that the windows and doors can be retained as Sketchup components, and that objects retain their VW classes as much as possible, so that I can add materials and render etc (as we don't have Renderworks), or use Sketchup environmental plugins (such as IES)

When I export as a DWG, the windows & doors come into Sketchup as components, but only the frame is visible - the mullions, transoms, door leaves and glazing are lost. When I export as a 3DS file, all surfaces come into Sketchup, but the wall is a single group which includes the window components as planes and lines only (not grouped or a component). I've also tried other formats such as IFC, but haven't had any more success.

Is it possible (or advisable) to convert the windows and doors from VW plug-ins into 3D symbols before exporting, or is there a better method to export to Sketchup which retains all the window and door details?

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