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Edit interior elevs in 3d with walls in the way

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I'm trying to use VW more in 3d than my old 2d ways...

I'm developing interiors with 3d objects such as shelves/fixtures

When I go to the 'front' view in ortho mode obviously the screen view I have is from an infinite distance from the model and every wall, fixture, furniture etc. that is in front of my room elevation is in the way and makes editing impossible.

I know I could put obstructing walls on a different class and turn them off, but that would be very tedious and I'd have to do that differently for every room.

I could select the walls and objects I want and group them and go into the group to edit in 'front' view. However, I feel like that is a clunky process and probably not how it is supposed to be done.

I cut a section viewport to view the elevation from inside the room but when I go to edit design layer it puts me back on the 'outside'

I want my 'point of view' to be inside the room but not by creating a perspective view/camera. I want to edit/work in ortho mode.

Seems like I'm missing an obvious trick...

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My method is clunky too , but works like this;

Create a unique design layer for each joinery unit.

Model the joinery unit in 3d, using a floor object for the benchtops, and extrudes etc for the shelves, cupboard doors, sink insert etc.

Crete a new Sheet layer for the joinery unit, and create viewports for each of the construction drawings views, plan, elevation, section 3d, etc. Voila, you now have joinery working drawings completed.

You still need to show the unit on the house plan view....in past VW releases, I would create a symbol from my unit, and insert that in the 3d 'model'. You can imagine it's clunky having to edit the symbol, but work well because all the views are updated with each change. I think now I can use design-layer viewports instead of the symbol, which would solve this hassel.

You then get to the question of how to edit the shelf unit in the 3d model of the house....and you cant. Sometimes I will copy and paste in place the walls from the house model to the joinery unit design layer to check sizes etc, and this is a fairly easy process.

To create the internal elevations, I use the section viewport function, and add notes in the viewport annotation....thus, any changes update through all the drawings.

Hope this helps a bit....


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