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3D Blues

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Whatever you folks have done to Eff up 3D in VW can you please fix it pronto?

I am beyond frustrated with this. I swear I'm going to go back to working 2009! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Get rid of this auto switching from Layer to Screen! Stop the poly that creates a 3D object from rotating to WTF knows where! Let me at least be able to stretch or reshape to an object! Stop changing what is Height & Width!

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I have been having a look at 'Solidworks' recently and it seems to handle the screen/layer stuff much more elegantly using screen animation/transformation.

Maybe VW could take a leaf from their book.

Getting used to a new way of working and learning new workflows is, as far as I'm concerned, quite acceptable but not if it is clumsy & unintuitive.

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It is interesting that I am able to draw with a black background by setting a preference but something so intrusive as the Layer / Screen plane is by default a mess. I have yet to have anyone at VW show me something I could not do in past vW versions, that I actually need to do in our non architectural discipline. Don't eliminate, a feature by adding one just give is a Preference - Peter

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