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I'm having trouble using the Key Note feature. I have made a Keynote Legend on a "General" sheet and wish to use the callouts on various viewports of plans.

When I go to insert a keynote I set the preferences indicating that it use the database legend from the general sheet, I click to insert and select the note I want from the list, update it and hit ok. The note appears as a new keynote number and at the bottom of the referenced legend(adding a redundant entry).

What am I missing? I simply want to use the numbered keynotes referenced to a legend on a sheet in the drawing. I've searched here and looked through help which was of little help. LenB

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I am not a big user of Keynotes but here is what I think is happening.

You created a list of notes on a sheet layer as text, numbers and text, right?

Now you want to refer to them as keynotes, yes?

The keynotes actually come from a database within VW, and you add to the keynotes either through editing the database or by using the call-out tool, and in the IOP, indicate that it is to be treated as a keynote and which set of the database you want it added to.

If I am right above, just use the call-out tool as a number to correspond to the note you want to refer to but don't make it a keynote in the OIP.


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