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3d aligning


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I'm trying to get more into using VW 3d capabilities...

If I make some extrudes and solids and then want to align them the way I'd like I might go to top/plan and align it there then side view to align, etc.

The problem is when I move an object to align it in plan view (x,y) it will often move the object in the Z axis too.

I assume it is auto-aligning with some point on the Z axis or something like that.

Am I missing a constraint option? is there a way to only move a 3d object in the plane of view? So if I move it in plan (x,y) it won't move in Z too?



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If you set the layer/screen plane to screen plane the object will only move in a 2D direction, if it is set to Layer Plane the Z axis (or the axis 'in & out' of the screen) comes into play.

This is also true when rotating and mirroring an object. Although this is a pain in the neck you will eventually get used to checking the plane selection. It can often be the cause of unexpected behaviour.

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ahhh. Thanks!

on that subject... I'm still getting used to the layer/screen plane thing. I think I want to be in layer plane 90% of the time but it seems to switch from layer to screen sometimes without my doing it. Then I end up with objects in different planes that can't be joined... sometimes frustrating.

Is this something I need to just get used to - always looking at the little layer/screen indicator?

It seems like going to a sheet layer automatically switches to screen mode but then sometimes it switches back to layer when I return to the design layer but not always...

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I am afraid this is an issue that has been the topic of a few frustrated threads.

Yes for the time being it is something to keep an eye on. The layer/screen plane switching is a problem that has not yet been addressed and is, in my opinion, due to lack of foresight in it's implementation, and by that I mean no disrespect to the designers/engineers at VW I just think it needed more thought about how much of a major a change it was.

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