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Editing a polyline

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???NV is aware of the problem and is working hard to deliver the best product possible. I have seen them fix bugs in days, obviously most take a bit longer. I over stated the seriousness of the situation, probably because I responded late and was tired.

???Since the tool does work if you move the vertex, my advice is not to click on a vertex without moving it, and use Undo if you forget. The problem is reported and it is slated to be fixed. My apologies for sounding negative.

All the best,


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yes, i think it is a bug.

i got the same result. double click, very slow does this uncontrolable behaivior.

i could repeat this with polyline and 2d-polygon.

i think the 2d-reshape(move handle) was done like this> click the vertex >drag the vertex>click at new location.

if you slowy double click at the same location of the handle VW gets confused:-0


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This one may be off the wall but I also experienced issues like yours that progressively got worse.

It wound up being the mouse. It is a wireless mouse and it had an internal issue.

I had to remove the battery and click the buttons to drain the internal capacitor, then reinstall battery and Like magic back to normal.

Dont know if this would work for you but if you have a wireless mouse, its worth a shot.

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