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Viewports and scale

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I'd like to display the scale of each viewport.

I found a "draw identifier" command to show info about viewport (see attached image).

I work good (if I change my viewport's scale, it changes its value), but I just need the text, not the circle and the line.

But if I ungroup the "draw identifier", I lose info on the scale (if I change it, it doesn't display the correct value).

Do you have any suggestion to have a text showing the viewport scale and linking it to viewport modification?

thank you,


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The Drawing Label should allow you to do what I think you want to do. If you place the Drawing Label on either in the Viewport or the Design Layer one may then adjust how the Drawing Label appears by adjusting the information in the Object Info Pallet - Scale Only, Line Length etcetera. You may have to use some trial & error to arrive at the result you require.

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