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Point cloud data and VW2010


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Hello. We are working on a project at the moment where our surveyors are using a Leica laser system that creates a cloud of points and panoramic photos from each survey point.

The surveyors are using the points to create a 3D model and survey in AutoCAD. This is proving troublesome as the 3D coming from AutoCAD doesn't like Vectorworks, and much of the 3D geometry breaks. We have had them export both DWG and IFC (via Revit) files to fill in the gaps. Far from ideal. Also AutoCAD users seem to have little experience with IFC files (at least in Sydney, Australia). Also I had no idea VW disliked 3D geometry from AutoCAD so intensely.

I would say to anyone needing to go down this road, the way the geometry is created into AutoCAD needs to be investigated before the project commences, to make sure you will get usable information at the VW side. Also it helps if they change their origin point if it is a long way away. VW seems to like the origin points to be close by (not 200km from the building, as was is our case).

I hope that starts to point you in the right direction.


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Hello again.

I should probably have added, for this project the surveyors are modelling the existing structure, as well the terrain. It is the 3D geometry of the existing structure that is breaking. The terrain is coming through as 3D ploys as it normally would. In our case Vectorworks translates the structure extrudes as path objects and not the full extrusion.

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