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lost all fixture's attributes...

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I was working on a file (in Vwx 2009 for Mac) and all of a sudden, I am unable to see any of the fixtures' attributes in the Object Info window, below the "Rotation" field, starting with the "device type" button, on down. Did I change something by accidentally hitting a different mode?

I opened other files and do not have that problem with other files.


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All of the info I've already input into the fixture, i.e. circuit name, fixture number channel number, still show up on the drawing, when I turn on the class. But, again, my information, as well as my ability to change said info, is not gone, because it doesn't show up in the "Object Info" palette.

A side note: the hexagon that the channel number used to be wrapped in disappeared at roughly the same time. Dunno if it's related.

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Look at the tho top of object info -- is the object type still "Lighting Device" or have you grouped it? If it's a group, just ungroup.

If it is still a Lighting Device, try right-clicking the object and selecting "Properties." This will sometimes force a misbehaving Object Info to refresh.



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Just checking -- has the object's type "Group" or something else?

It's possible that you converted the object to a group (as opposed to contained it within a group), in which case the object becomes a grouped set of drawing elements instead of a Lighting Device, but you would have received a dialog if you did this.

Try double clicking on the object and seeing if you enter an edit mode.


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Double-clicking on fixture gives me the red error message on bottom right of window, "The selected object has no edit behavior."

I also tried to convert a fixture to an instrument, and received the error message (in a pop-up window) "Only symbols can be converted to instruments. Non-symbols were not converted and were selected."

So, somehow all my fixtures have been converted to something other than a symbol, or instrument, that can be edited.

The thing is, I know I never converted anything to the point where I got any type of confirmation of action request.

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