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Parking on a curve line



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Shouldn't the LA be doing the site layout? He should have Landmark.

DWorks, It's called Designer!

All kidding aside, With the Designer package you get it all, If Arch and Land were combined so would the price, just upgrade.

Our Designer package has the following:

- Architect

- Interior (wich now is in Architect)

- Landmark

- Spotlight

- The old Mechanical (wich is now stopped developed.)

And I have the Designer package with renderworks. I just think some tools of landmark should be in Architect and visa versa.

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Not having Landmark's car park capabilities in Architect as well is a real oversight.

The architects normally does the overall site design and layout which includes the car parking.

Also many small to medium size projects don't have a landscape architect or if they do they only become involved late in the design process.

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But who's fault is that?

In my opinion site design always is better if the LA is there from the beginning.

At the same time I would like to see many of the items in Arch in Land. We all want it all but to get it all you are oh yeah at Designer.

I do agree that it would be nice to have various tools in each package but where do you stop. There is another post today of someone looking for plants, if he is an Architect then what next? Same from the other side.

I cannot speak for VW but, if all was in one package then the price is higher, again your at Designer.

I purchased Designer for the ability to accomplish anything I choose.

As a side note I would also like to have the functionality of Deckworks, Interior Cad, panzer Cad and well anything else. Its not embedded so if I need the ability I buy it.

If it were only a perfect world. Then LA's would design everything! just kidding.

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