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Is it possible to show the quantities of the plants in the tag of a Landscape Area? I was only able to show the % in the tag, and the quantities are listet in the Plant Schedule.

And is it also possible to change the sq m into m? or define a custom unit?


VW 2010 Landmark SP4

WinXP Pro

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Yes, it is possible to show the quantities in the tag of a Landscape Area. I have in the Tag Body section a custom tag option: ID&"-"&Quantity

Putting only Quantity works also.

If you put it the Tag Header section, it won't work.

I've defined a custom unit (m2) in File->Document Settings->Units, but it doesn't show up in Landscape Area nor Hardscape.

This would be very handy for me to get the locally used area unit in the tags of Landscpadpe Area and Hardscape...

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Hi Mikael,

thank you very much for your help, works fine.

Do you know if I can enter SQL or plain text so that it shows up in the drawing. With plain text I had no luck up to now.

It seems to me, that I can only enter the Plant information of the Landscape Area Preferences.

The easiest way would be a custom entry in the Area units field.

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Is it possible to import a comlete plant list into the open drawing, that I can add the plants to the plant area. For me it seems that the plants must be in the open drawing and I can only add these plant to the plant area. Maybe I can import a complete plantlist into the drawing at once, when I made it with the plant database?

Thanks for any help

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You don't actually have to place the plants one by one - but you do need to create a Plant Object (using Place Plant). Once these plants are created they can be transferred from drawing to drawing via the Resource Browser - so you can build a library of plants that you can use in different projects. This set of plants can be imported in one go and then added to the Landscape Area.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks again Tamsin,

the problem is, that I do not have a library with all the plants I need. The recource browser is a fine tool and normally I am working the way you describe (got it out of your book :).

But now I have a bigger list, that I want to import into the recource browser.

So up to now, I only find the possibility to place a plant get the plant from the plant list I definded before and import it into the drawing or export it to my recource file. Maybe it would be a good tool, if I could import a complete list, just for the plant area without symbols.

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