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Wall component solution

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I told a while ago on this forum that I had a solutions for the wall component bug, and I found time to illustrate it. So here is the solution you can use for all wall component problems. You don't need to connect the components seperatly anymore, just the walls themselve, once your symbols are set up properly. You'll get a correct view in all views.

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how do you do this?

You make a symbol with two loci on top of each other for the 2D component. Then you draw a 3D volume in the wall component of the symbol to cut out/off the parts of the wall that are too much.

You can also cut of a lot of wall and use a wall for each component in your symbol to make the connection look ok.

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I use the wall tools to join the common walls and then drag/scale the odd wall to meet the corner with the auto join walls feature turned off.

By doing this, your walls will look ok in 2D, but you'll get a line in 3D where there shouldn't be a line because of the L join of the two walls. Plus, you will not be able to drag one of the walls and let the others follow, Or use the floor objects to follow the walls, etc....

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Here is a file with some of our symbols for wall corrections. I also put in some walls with the symbols to show the usage. There are also other ways to use this system of symbols to edit walls. You can use them as wall recesses etc. and they are better to handle than those in vw.

The symbols are just 2D loci and a volume to cut the wall out. You can add other things to show better in 2D and 3D, but that's not needed in most cases.

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