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create Existing Trees from information on site survey


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Hi, I have a vectorworks file with a survey on it, including tree information. This has accurate sizes of trunks, canopies, and the name of the trees. Is there a quick way of converting this to something more meaningful in VW? Instead of using the Existing Tree Tool and starting from scratch by 'tracing ' over the top of them, can I select and convert in some way? thanks

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Thanks Tamsin, I did try try that, but nothing happened. I selected 'UK plant data' and followed the steps above. It asked if i wanted to replace the existing tree list with currently displayed list of plants. I yes yes and it seemed to load 5000 plants, but no change to existing tree list.

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OK - further details.

In the Plant Database, click on Search. In the category field, choose Trees.

Click Find. This will select all records with Trees as the category.

Then run Create Existing Tree List. Confirm that you want to overwrite the existing list.

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Bea and I are both struggling to do this..... sorry. meanwhile I thought I'd double check i had downloaded the coblands database. I'm not sure i did, but when i double clikc on the uk coblands plant data it just says that windows cannot open this file. sorry

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