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Dimensions in wrong scale

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When placing dimensions on a Viewport, you have to go into viewport annotations. First, check the scale of the viewport by selecting it and looking on the Object Info palette in the scale field (you can change the scale of viewport here if you need to).

Then, right-click on the viewport and choose Edit Annotations. You will now be within the viewport and working at the same scale as your viewport, so your dimensions will match the objects you are dimensioning. When you're done, click Exit Viewport - the big orange button at the top right of the screen.

Hope that helps!

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To change the text size, select the dimension objects, Text > Size > pick the size.

You can preset the size by clicking on a blank space (ie deselecting everything) and then set the text size. That will be the new default.

The arrows/slashes, etc are controlled by the dimension standard. You can set it in the OIP for the dimension object or you can create your own.

The default dimension standard is set in File > Document Settings > Document Preferences... > Dimensions tab.



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