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I am a novice here and I am sure there must be a video or help page which I can refer to but I have tried and cannot find it.

I have a simple bedroom plan with a chimney breast and I am panelling the walls to about 1. 2 mt. I wish to work within the room so to speak on a section of the plan say facing the west wall. This would enable me to work on the panels without the foreground being in the way all the time. I can make a section viewport and annotate and crop it but as far as I know cannot work on it without changing the the design layer.

So far I have gotten around this by making walls that are in the way a separate layer and naming it "Walls not required" and making them invisible. Is this the only way ? I am sure I am missing a basic principle here and would like advice or a pointer to where i can read up on it.

Thank you



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Oh dear.

View>Set 3d view - Perspective=Orthogonal should work for you as should as should

Renderworks Camera from the Visualizations tool set - Projection = Orthogonal.

However .... it doesn't.

Using either method with the Perspective Projection will let you stand in the room and see the walls to work on them.

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Hi Twick

What exactly are you trying to do to the panels that you have to see them so clearly? If you positioning a 3D object on the walls as an 'applique', select them in plan (or whatever is the best view to do so) then view the whole from the front, back, etc. and raise/lower them, etc., using the nudge tool or 3D move command.

I would have put those walls on a separate class rather than a different layer but the effect will be the same in the end.

Sometimes I view the model in 3D and do a quick Open GL rendering to see what things look like. If the panel is already selected you can move it with the 3D command to get it just right.

Am I on the right track here? Does this help?


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Another way of achieving this is to create a Group of the wall you want to be able to see along with any other objects you need for reference. If you set the preferences to NOT show other objects while in groups, you can edit the group and only see the things you are interested in.

When you are done you can either leave it grouped or ungroup as works best for you.

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Temporarily group the wall and other objects you are working on. Edit the group. If needed, disable VW Display pref for Show Other Items in Edit Modes, or work with the Gray option.

Add a 3d poly fake floor or other guide geometry as nec for snaps and views.

Delete the fakes when edit complete.

Ungroup when finished.

Save often. I used to get lots of crashes when editing groups in complex files. Not so much in recent versions though. Never tracked down the issue.

Then look at DigitalMechanics Detail Cube and dream:



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