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Downsave VW2011 to VW2008 ?

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This post resurrects a topic of considerable debate over the years.

Why is it that mmoriarty's uniquely-derived-laboriously-CADified-proprietary and fully functional Vectorworks format saved files must be version specific.


Why is a file VW created in the future from a succeeding version of VW

able to be re-addressed through a Worm ~ Hole . Then, as if by magic

collapsing within the precincts of mmoriartys personal computational device.

Only to be summarily rejected by an operational legacy version of Vectorworks

as an " unreadable file format " .


Is a policy of future-release-formatting most beneficial for the average User ?

Is there the possibility for a fully-functional-locked version, as well, as a

generic slimmed down file format called... none other than... VW-lite

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Just incase you ever need to view a Education document, as I did whilst marking educational work, you can use any of the VW Viewers to open and flick through layers, minor dimension and viewport changes and print.

Also remember that even if you can open an educational document it and any components from within it are tagged as educational upon printing. Even if copied to another document. It's like the plague, stay away!

Just incase that helps anyone in the future.


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