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Objects being saved in templates

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I seem to be having trouble with templates.

I am in the process of creating a new one I intend to work from with every new drawing I do.

The problem I am having is that when I "save as template" it seems to be saving any objects that are in the current drawing too.

Reading the user guide it states:

"Save a drawing file as a template to use it as a foundation for new files. Templates save layers, classes, title blocks, sheet borders, resources, and the current settings for attributes and units."

The way I read this is that no objects should be saved with the template file.

Am I missing something very obvious?

Any help much appreciated as I am just starting to learn VW.

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HI Simon,

Welcome to the fora,

What you're seeing is normal behaviour - anything in your file will still be there when you save it as a template.

If all you want it to save the Document Setup, Units, Page size, Classes & Layers Resources etc but no drawing objects then delete everything on each layer and Save as Template - This clean Template file will be ready for your next project.

Good luck!

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Thanks bcd!

At least I know I am not going crazy now.

This behaviour does seem a little odd to me though. I realise that people will want to include objects in the templates they create but I know I will end up adding classes and layers the more I progress and to update my template I will then have to delete any thing I currently have in that drawing....or "save as" then delete all objects then "save as template" and then go back to my original drawing.

I guess I wont be adding to my template forever though so maybe it is just in these early stages that I will find it a little frustrating.

Maybe it would be nice for an option in "save as template" to either include or not include any objects in your drawing.

Thanks again for your help.

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It's not as simple as you would like, but it's not as difficult as you are thinking...

If you add classes or layers to a document and you would like to add them to your template:

1. Save the current document.

2. Open a new document from the template.

3. In Organization > Class tab click on New

4. In the New Class window select Import Classes and click on Choose

5. Navigate to the document with the new class

6. Select the class(es) you want to add to the template

Resave as template.



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