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Help - can't choose direction of 3d section!


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I am trying to cut a 3d section of a model that is viewing just fine in every way I look at it, but when I put the section line through it, it obligingly shows me the black arrow and asks me to choose which way I want to look at the section, and will then only go one way! I have tried doing this in another document, and it works fine.

What have I done wrong? Is there some setting I have wrong? I have tried closing the document and VW and opening again, but no joy.

Help please?

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Once you have the Section Viewport created select it and then try using the Reverse Direction option on the OIP (Object Info Palette).

I know that doesn't fix your creation problem but if it works it will at least get you the result you want.

It might also be prudent to do a Save and then a Save As of the file with a new name so you have a safety copy of the file.

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I have just tried using the Create Section viewport, and then converting to lines, and it has worked just how I want it to.

So my question is, what is the difference/advantage of one command over the other, and can anybody tell me where I went wrong when setting up my drawing that meant the Cut 3D Section command wouldn't work properly?

Also - I assume that the converting copy of the viewport to lines is not going to upset anything else?

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Sharon, I've just tried with the Cut 3D Section command and I can select either side. Can you try using the command in a new drawing.

The disadvantage of the Cut 3D Section command is that it is a snapshot of the file at a particular point in time and it works by duplicating the objects on the Design Layers and consolidating them into a new single Design Layer. This snapshot does not update as changes are made to the original objects. Therefore if you do want an updated version you will have to repeat the process.

The advantage of a Section Viewport is that it does update as changes are made to the original objects. It can also be managed - ie. the visibility of the Design Layers and Classes visible in it can be varied.

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