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Race to the Top

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As I enter the sanctimonious halls of this unadorned 700 Club, I look around and see seven others in my midst, but four are soon to leave for higher numerical acclaim. But far out in the distance, over a hill and beyond a cloud of dust, there can be heard the thundering keyboards of the Techboard's Top Five!

In the last month the most prolific poster for many years gave up his crown, not to one, but to two noteworthy contenders. islandmon held the lead by a respectable margin for more years than I was paying attention, and on the 12th of last February the lead fell to Christiaan who had been pacing the islandmon for many, many moons.

Victory is enjoyed in silence but for a fleeting moment.

Then again without fanfare of trumpet or the roll of a drum, the torch passed again a mere 31 days later. CipesDesign currently strides in front of that rising cloud of dust. His position is guaranteed by nothing, and should he turn and look backwards through the haze he may notice another streak, approaching faster than all the others. Ray Libby is gaining on you. Run Peter, run; or be prepared to proffer the torch to the next amazing poster.

Thank you all, for your combined and continuing help to this community.


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Thanx RJ ... you never cease to amaze... i shall always cherish your TBRT graphs !

After 40yrs... out of nowhere in 2009... my highschool sweetheart ( a Global Project Manager for Cisco Telepresence )

Googled me ...officially ending my sabbatical in the Virgin Islands.

Suddenly i found myself back in the Santa Cruz mountains ... we started renovating her Huckleberrywoods Escape...

and the rest is history.

So there's a really good reason for the declining trajectory ... i'm just too busy having fun !

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Ipso facto ...like so many contributors ... on average...over the years...

Islandmon submitted less than 50% of his written responses !

More often than not he would compose a lengthy dissertation...

only to dismiss it to oblivion...

rationalizing that ...

" Nobody dem... wants to digest another CAD quip from de islandmon "

would that these other Addicts were so editorially circumscribed : )

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