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Attribute Mapping Tool doesn't work on Hardscapes

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Just moved this from General discussion to here because I think this only applies if you have Renderworks.

The default mapping always seems to to tile the texture right in the middle of the hardscape making it look strange. To solve this I fire up the attribute mapping tool which then opens a new window, puts axes and dots all over the screen, lets me drag them all over the place and does precisely nothing to the texture when I'm finished.

If I use an extrude instead of a hardscape I can change the mapping type to planar and use the object info palette to sort it quite nicely.

Problem is that I am using a DTM and need the hardscape as a pad to alter the terrain. I could change the DTM by using site modifiers and then putting extrudes on top but the hardscape just seems to be irresistibly simpler, I can combine 2D views with 3D views (I would have to use a 2D polygon with the extrude to be able to see it in plan mode whilst the hardscape works in both plan and 3D mode by default) with a site modifier all in one go.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Matt

I'm afraid this is currently a limitation of the Hardscape tool.

To solve your 2D, 3D working with terrain, here's a suggestion for you:

1) Draw a Polygon, to represent your paving in Top/Plan view.

2) From the Landmark>AEC menu, choose Roof Face. This will allow you to create a hybrid object which can show 2D and 3D in the same object, AND show a fall.

3) Draw a 3D Polygon around the bottom of your Roof Face and put it in the Site-DTM-Modifier class - this will become your pad.

And the Attribute mapping tool works a treat on the Roof Face!

So, you get 2D, 3D, correct fall for your sections, site modifier AND mapped texture!

Hope that helps

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Thanks again, you are a one woman answer factory! Genius, I don't know what they pay you but it isn't enough!

There is one question that does just beg to be asked though. If all this technology is already built into the Roof Face (which is a bit of an obscure option) why can't they just build it directly into the Hardscape (which is one of the most important tools in Vectorworks). I thought 2011 was where all this kind of stuff came together...?

To be fair, Tamsin, I am just musing out loud here to everyone, you have already been more helpful than I could have expected.

Many thanks again.


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I too would like to see a 'paving' object in VW Architect. It's almost a given that slabs are NOT flat. Even internal structural slabs often have falls to outlets formed in them. I'll check this Roof Face trick out as well. Cheers Ben.

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I second this - if the Hardscape tool is to be truly useful as a BIM modeling tool we will have to be able to modify the texture of the surface.  For instance if you are using it for a rectangular paver with an orientation that is critical to the design we need to be able to change the orientation of the surface texture to produce a rendering.  It is almost there - please make this an improvement for the next SP.

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